Bath and Beauty

Gordon Castle Estate’s once neglected Walled Garden is being painstakingly restored to its former Victorian glory by the Dukes of Gordon’s descendants.

This magical Walled Garden has inspired the creation of beautiful luxury  products,  unique  to  the  exclusive  Gordon  Castle  brand,  built upon provenance centuries old. Each has its roots in Gordon Castle’s distinguished  heritage,  handcrafted  with  either  ingredients  from  The Walled Garden, or other natural bounty from the Estate grounds. The  beating  heart  of  this  blossoming  oasis  is  The  Garden,  its bountiful  produce  supplying  the  delightful  café  within  its  walls, an atmospheric venue for events and activities.

This magical Walled Garden has inspired the creation of our beautiful luxury range, all of which contain pure essential oils from plants and herbs grown in the Scottish garden. Never tested on animals and handmade in the British Isles, our products contain no artificial fragrances, colours, parabens, glycols, sulphates or petrochemicals.



  • Herb Garden Diffuser £24.00
  • Orangery Diffuser £24.00
  • Flower Garden Diffuser £24.00
  • Mini Travel Beauty Set £24.00
  • Orangery Candle £24.00
  • Herb Garden Candle £24.00
  • Flower Garden Candle £24.00
  • Orangery Lip Balm £4.00
  • Orangery Body Wash £16.00
  • Orangery Hand Lotion £14.00
  • Orangery Beauty Set £52.00
  • Orangery Hand Wash £14.00
  • Herb Garden Salt Scrub £24.00
  • Herb Garden Beauty Set £52.00
  • Herb Garden Relaxation Set £48.00
  • Herb Garden Conditioner £14.00
  • Herb Garden Shampoo £14.00
  • Flower Garden Bubble Bath £14.00
  • Flower Garden Body Lotion £16.00
  • Flower Garden Body Wash £16.00
  • Flower Garden Hand Cream £15.00
  • Flower Garden Hand Wash £14.00
  • Flower Garden Healing Hands Set £43.00
  • Flower Garden Hand Lotion £14.00